Be inspired

Enjoy the MOJO experience but, along the way, get creative. Don't simply toss it! Reuse the package, deconstruct it, re-purpose the container and consider how this tiny piece of technology could be made even more convenient, more useful and more enjoyable.


Together we can balance the needs of mankind with the requirements of nature.

The MOJO recycling and sustainability policy is a policy that works. We feel it should be adopted and promoted by all beverage companies.

MOJO, ten to one

MOJO promotes a ten to one Environmental Sustainability Policy (#mojo1021). This means, we encourage our customers to reuse and re-purpose our bottles up to 10 times before they are recycled or disposed of.

We've all heard the expression "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". And although some consider recycling to be the key to environmental sustainability, MOJO has adopted a more comprehensive approach. We feel, in order to balance the needs of people with those of the environment we must find ways to reduce and reuse, first! The time, energy and resources required to recycle should only be contemplated after we've exercised full use and purpose of the product.

MOJO believes in a beverage industry ready and willing to clean up its act. At MOJO, we encourage our customers to reuse our product containers. Re-purpose them. Hack them, collect them, and, turn the bottles into something useful or special.

This sustainability policy was designed to minimize the number of bottles that end up in landfills but, more importantly, it was designed to reduce the amount of energy required to collect, melt down and re-manufacture the bottles all together.

When you think about the energy required to recycle a single bottle, it's not hard to see how MOJO's 10 to 1 'reuse' option is significantly more environmentally friendly.

Reusable and Recyclable

MOJO bottles do not have the same recesses and ridges that you've seen built into the design patterns of many other bottles. Instead, we've left our bottle smooth, making it much easier to clean and more difficult for dirt and bacteria to become trapped.

MOJO uses a heavy gauge BPA free plastic container. This allows the bottle to hold up and maintain it's structural integrity as the container is reused. Cheaper plastic bottles quickly degrade and collapse with reuse.

MOJO is two full servings of clean, ultra purified drinking water. It also provides a steady and reliable source of light as well. This bright LED light makes the MOJO bottle much more useful and functional than other bottled waters...especially during an emergency.

MOJO was invented as a platform for sustainability. The packaging was intended to be used and reused. By utilizing ingeniously designed caps we've seen the MOJO bottle quickly transformed into a completely different products. Swapping out the cap has turned MOJO into a pencil sharpener, a condiment dispenser, a paint brush, a bubble maker and all sorts of cool and interesting gadgets, tools and toys.

Creative Examples